Fringe Sport Loadable Dumbbell Review And Info

Fringe Sport Loadable Dumbbell
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Fringe Sport Loadable Dumbbell
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The Fringe Sport Loadable Dumbbell can support up to 220 pounds per sleeve thanks to a strong tensile strength and quality bearings that provide excellent spin. The sleeves are also machined for Olympic sized collars which make switching between your barbell and your loadable dumbbell incredibly easy. The knurling is also in-between a passive and aggressive hold, making for a great feel throughout most workouts. 


  • Excellent medium knurling.
  • 220 pounds of supported weight. 
  • Machined sleeves that support standard Olympic sleeve collars.


  • Slightly different size and feel than traditional dumbbells might not be a hit with some users.

The Fringe Sport Loadable Dumbbell is an excellent solution if you’re looking to save space and maybe even a few dollars. Created with high tensile strength steel, this option can hold up to 220 pounds per sleeve while offering an experience we’re sure you’ll love.

We love that the sleeves fit a standard 2-inch diameter barbell collar. It’s that type of machine-quality product we’ve come to expect from Fringe Sport.

The Fringe Sport Loadable Dumbbell features a decent set of bearing collars that give decent spin. It’s not the same spin you might expect from a quality barbell but it’s pretty close when performing quick movements from the floor to overhead.

The shaft on the loadable dumbbell features a nice grip thanks to a knurling that isn’t overly aggressive but gets the job done. If you’ve used Fringe’s 20KG Wonder Bar or similar multi-purpose bars you already have a decent feel for the knurling featured on this barbell.

The Fringe Sport Loadable Dumbbell handle is 20.5 inches in length with 6-inch handles. They provide enough room for decent grip which is assisted by a 1 1/10″ handle. It’s not the same sizing as traditional dumbbells but it’s comfortable in the hand and during various movements.

Finally, if you’re looking for light movements, be aware that each handle weighs 15 pound. For some shoulder complex and other lightweight, heavy rep work, these might not be the right product for your garage gym or home gym arsenal.

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Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport Loadable Dumbbell

A loadable dumbbell with great knurling and good spin. An excellent purchase for most people!
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