Body-Solid Powerline Functional Trainer PFT100: Budget-Friendly

Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 Functional Trainer
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The Body-Solid Powerline Functional Trainer PFT100 is a versatile and compact piece of home gym equipment designed for those who want to maximize their fitness potential without compromising on space.

This budget-friendly functional trainer offers a wide range of exercises, allowing you to target multiple muscle groups and achieve your fitness goals easily.

If you want to save money but also gain access to one of a gym’s most useful pieces of equipment, this might be your option. Let’s dive into what it offers and the pros and cons of owning the Body-Solid Powerline Functional Trainer PFT100.

Body-Solid Powerline (PFT100) Cable Crossover Exercise Machine for Home & Commercial Gym, Functional Training Center with Dual 160lbs. Weights Stack for Cable Workout
  • INDUSTRY LEADER: For 30+ years, Body-Solid has held the widest array of products designed to meet the demands of the ever-changing fitness industry (home gym, free weight machines, treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, weight plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, flooring, accessories and more). Our products are cutting edge and reliable and are built for Life……Your Life.
  • VERSATILE & CUSTOMIZABLE: This dual independent weight stack system provides dedicated resistance with true isolateral movements. From cable crossovers and shoulder presses to pull-ups, leg kickbacks and everything in between, make a motion to improve your core, build your strength and increase your endurance with this exercise machine.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: This cable crossover machine has a sturdy construction and an extra-wide mainframe provides users with a high-quality machine that is both cost-effective and budget-friendly. This machine allows users to access a near-unlimited number of high and low pulley exercises while working every major muscle group. Includes two 160 lb. weight stacks (weight ratio is 1/2 : 1).
  • EXERCISES: Use this home gym to complete a variety of full body workouts (pec fly, bench, incline, crossover, upright row, deltoid raise, shoulder press, close grip front lat pullup and pulldown, bent over row, seated row, ab crunch, oblique bend, tricep press down, outer and inner thigh abduction, calf press, reverse fly, glute kickback and many more.
  • DIMENSIONS: Heavy-duty construction with an electrostatically applied powder coat finish. Measures 42.3”L x 62.6”W x 83”H and weighs 476lbs. 10 years manufacturer warranty on frame and 1 year on parts.

Key Features of the Body-Solid Powerline Functional Trainer PFT100

Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 Functional Trainer
Photo Credit: Body-Solid

Dual Adjustable Pulley System

The PFT100 features a dual adjustable pulley system, providing an extensive range of motion for various exercises.

With 20 independent height adjustments, you can easily customize the pulley position to match your needs, allowing for a more personalized workout experience.

The height adjustments are even laser etched into the equipment, an impressive option for a budget-friendly functional trainer!

Assisting the placement of each position is a simple pop-pin with an attached handle that makes one-handed adjustments a fairly straightforward process.

160-Pound Weight Stack

Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 Weight Stack
Photo Credit: Body-Solid

The PFT100 comes with a 160-pound weight stack, offering a challenging resistance level for beginners and experienced users.

The weight stack is easily adjustable in 10-pound increments, allowing for progressive overload and consistent strength and muscle growth improvement.

While we would prefer actual weight totals, it’s pretty easy to multiply by 10 to find your weight total. Many functional trainers now include KG and LBS markers which would have also been a nice addition.

Remember that the pulley system uses a 2:1 ratio, meaning the maximum amount of pulled weight will only be 80 pounds per weight stack. For most users, this is fine, but powerlifters might want to look elsewhere.

Compact Footprint

With its space-saving design, the PFT100 is ideal for those with limited space in their home or garage gym.

Measuring just 42″ L x 63″ W x 83″ H, this functional trainer fits easily into most rooms, making it a practical solution for those looking to maximize their workout space.

Sturdy Construction

Built with heavy-duty steel, the PFT100 is designed to withstand rigorous use and provide a stable, solid foundation for your workouts.

Sure, it’s not the type of 11-gauge steel we’ve seen on many other functional trainers but with a 10-year frame warranty, you can rest easy knowing Body-Solid has your back.

The powder-coated finish ensures that the equipment is resistant to wear and tear, making it a long-lasting addition to your home gym. Powder coating is pretty standard on cable machines these days, and while this isn’t the nicest-looking paint job, it does offer protection at a fraction of the cost of other high-end options.

Multiple Attachments

Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 Accessory Pegs
Photo Credit: Body-Solid

The PFT100 comes with several useful attachments, including a short bar, a long bar, a tricep rope, an ankle strap, and two nylon handles. These attachments provide versatility in exercise options, allowing you to perform a comprehensive full-body workout.

The trainer also features a band peg area to hold your accessories so they are out of the way but easily accessible.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, Body-Solid provides a 10-year frame and 1-year parts warranty. Plus, the product offers free shipping via Amazon.

Body-Solid Powerline Functional Trainer PFT100 - Main Specs

Dual Adjustable Pulley20 independent height adjustments
Wide range of motion
160-Pound Weight StackAdjustable in 10-pound increments
Suitable for beginners and experienced users
Compact FootprintDimensions: 42" L x 63" W x 83" H
Ideal for limited space
Sturdy ConstructionHeavy-duty steel frame
Powder-coated finish for durability
Multiple AttachmentsShort bar
Long bar
Tricep rope
Ankle strap
Two nylon handles

Body-Solid Powerline Functional Trainer PFT100 FAQ

What is the weight capacity of the PFT100?

The Body-Solid Powerline Functional Trainer PFT100 has a weight stack capacity of 160 pounds, adjustable in 10-pound increments. This resistance level is suitable for beginners and experienced users alike.

Can I upgrade the weight stack on the PFT100?

The PFT100 comes with a 160-pound weight stack, and there is no official upgrade option from the manufacturer. However, you may be able to find compatible aftermarket weight stack upgrades for additional resistance.

Is assembly required for the PFT100?

Yes, the PFT100 requires assembly. The package includes an assembly manual with detailed instructions and illustrations to help guide you through the process. Another person assisting you during assembly is recommended to ensure safety and ease.

Can I perform leg exercises with the PFT100?

You can perform leg exercises with the PFT100 using the ankle strap attachment. Some examples of leg exercises include leg curls, cable kickbacks, and cable leg raises.

What is the warranty for the PFT100?

The Body-Solid Powerline Functional Trainer PFT100 comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on parts. This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship, ensuring a high-quality product.

Are the cables on the PFT100 replaceable?

Yes, the cables on the PFT100 are replaceable. If you experience any cable issues, it’s best to contact Body-Solid customer service for assistance and information on obtaining replacement cables.

Can I use the PFT100 for resistance band exercises?

The PFT100 is primarily designed for cable-based exercises. While you may be able to find creative ways to incorporate resistance bands into your workouts, the functional trainer’s main focus is on providing a versatile range of cable exercises.

How much space is required for the PFT100?

The PFT100 has a compact footprint of 42″ L x 63″ W x 83″ H. Allowing additional space around the machine is recommended for ease of movement and safety while performing exercises.

Are there any maintenance requirements for the PFT100?

To ensure the longevity of the PFT100, it is essential to perform regular maintenance. This includes checking for loose bolts, inspecting cables for wear and tear, and lubricating the guide rods and pulleys as needed. Consult the user manual for specific maintenance guidelines.

Can I perform pull-ups and chin-ups on the PFT100?

Yes! The Powerline Functional Trainer also features a knurled chinning bar for perfect chin-ups, pull-ups, leg raises, and more.

Now that we’ve answered some of the questions you might have about the product, here are the main pros and cons according to users.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Plenty of included accessories.
  • Decent powder coat finish.
  • Sturdy steel design.
  • ‎10 Years Frame, 1 Year Parts Warranty


  • The pulley system doesn’t feature the type of aluminum grade we find on higher priced products.
  • The 160-pound weight stacks are on the lower end.

Top Exercises You Can Perform with the Body-Solid Powerline Functional Trainer PFT100

1. Chest Press

The chest press is a classic upper-body exercise that targets the pectoral muscles, deltoids, and triceps. Adjust the pulleys to chest height, grab the handles, and push forward to perform this effective compound movement.

2. Seated Row

Target your back muscles with a seated row, which works the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, and trapezius. Sit on a bench, attach the short bar to the low pulley, and pull the bar towards your torso while lifting your back straight and chest.

3. Leg Curl

Strengthen your hamstrings with leg curls using the ankle strap attachment. Connect the ankle strap to the low pulley, secure it around your ankle, and curl your leg towards your glutes to isolate the hamstring muscles effectively.

4. Cable Bicep Curl

Build bicep strength and size with cable bicep curls. Attach the short bar to the low pulley, grab the bar with an underhand grip, and curl it towards your chest, keeping your elbows stationary throughout the movement.

5. Tricep Pushdown

Isolate your triceps with tricep pushdowns using the tricep rope attachment. Connect the rope to the high pulley, grab the ends, and push down towards your thighs, fully extending your arms at the bottom of the movement.

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