Fringe Sport Immortal Wall Ball Review And Info

Fringe Sport Immortal Wall Ball
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Fringe Sport Immortal Wall Ball
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Hands-down the best wall ball on the market. You can drop it out of a plane and it will perform like the day you bought it. With excellent grip and a low bounce factor, we can’t rave enough about the Fringe Sport Immortal Wall Ball.


  • The most heavy-duty wall ball on the market.
  • Excellent grip.
  • You get some decent moderate bounce.
  • Incredibly versatile making it great for squats, throws, sledgehammer routines, and much more.


  • It’s expensive. 
  • It has a tendency to roll away.

I can’t say enough good things about the Fringe Sport Immortal Wall Ball. This newer edition to the gym was created with more than 5 years of research and development. The ball was built to easily withstand 10,000+ drops from 10 feet high and YouTube videos have shown it’s likely even more sturdy than that claim provided by the company.

Reviewers have raved about the Fringe Sport Immortal Wall Ball for various reasons, including the lack of seams and a top-notch grip that makes for a perfect hold every time. 

Manufactured with virgin rubber the Immortal Wall Ball features a 14″ diameter and a lifetime warranty. 

If you need some convincing to spend anywhere from $92 to $274 (for a 100lb option), be sure to check out the video reviews below which includes the ball being dropped out of an airplane, blasted with a shotgun, and run over two times with a heavy-duty pickup truck. 

I did encounter one probably with the ball, it bounces a little too much, especially the 30 pound ball we used for testing. The first time I bounced the ball on the ground, I had bent my body over to pick up the ball and it bounced back up and hit me pretty hard in the chin. If you are used to picking up your medicine balls from the ground for added weight training, the Fringe Sport immortal wall ball will not provide that same experience. I would suggest it’s use more for wall throws, tosses, and even for using a sledge hammer against for traditional tire-type training.

One of my favorite parts of this wall ball is the versatility it provides. For example, you can place a wedge on one side of the ball and hit it with a sledgehammer, allowing you to replace a big, heavy, and bulky tire. I’ve included a YouTube video below that shows off various exercises you can complete with the Fringe Sport Immortal Wall Ball

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Fringe Sport Immortal Wall Ball

A wall ball to end all other wall balls. Seriously, it's built like a tank.
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