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Assault AirBike
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Assault AirBike
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The Assault Airbike by Assault Fitness is a class take on the air bike design. Built almost entirely from steel, the bike offers a chain-driven system that feels familiar for most athletes. The display on the bike also offers easy to use display options along with interval training options that will help push you during every workout. 


  • Built almost entirely from steel.
  • Great heads-up display that’s easy to use.
  • A quick-adjusting seat is great for athletes of most sizes.
  • The chain-drive system is familiar.


  • Some issues with handles becoming lose easily.
  • The seat becomes loose sometimes after intense workouts.
  • The powder coat is okay but still feels dated.
  • The chain-drive system requires a lot more maintenance than newer belt-driven systems.

Before the Rogue Echo Bike hit the market the Assault AirBike was considered one of the more heavy-duty options on the market. The company set out to build an AirBike that would challenge athletes while rethinking the traditional Air Bike.

Just like other options on the market, the bike works by using air resistance to automatically scale the difficulty of your workout based on how hard you pedal.

Starting out with the bike’s most solid features, it offers a simple to program and read LCD screen. Much like Rogue’s newer option, the Assault AirBike features displays for Watts, RPM, Calories, Heart Rate, Distance, Time, and speed. It’s also fully functional for both Tabata and custom interval training segments.

The Assault AirBike was our go-to option before the Rogue Echo hit the market; the frame felt heavy-duty, which prevented side-to-side swaying. Sadly, numerous reviewers and general users have noted that over time the bike seems to break down. That’s in stark comparison to the Rogue Echo Bike, which reviewers have pointed out seems to stand up even two years after use.

We do like the seat design that offers back-and-forth and up-and-down movements. This has become a standard feature for resistance bikes and the Assault AirBike is easy to adjust with this feature. The bike also features a comfortable seat.

The Assault AirBike offers a nice powder coat but it doesn’t hold up in the same respect as Rogue’s option or even some of the Schwinn Air Bikes we still need to write up reviews for in the future.

One area we’re really not a fan is the old chain-driven system. Belt systems allow for automatic tensioning and a more quiet ride. When placed against the Echo Bike, the Assault Bike sounds harsh. The chain system also requires regular maintenance, especially under heavy use.

In our use of the Assault AirBike we also noticed that our right handle came loose after intense use. Upon inspection, we learned that several other buys experienced similar issues with their bikes.

Another issue we spotted was a seat that came look regularly. Several other people have noted the same issue, no matter how much we tightened the seat the same problem persisted. Our biggest concern here is the bolt will become stripped and more issues will be experienced down the road.

While we haven’t been impressed with every part of the Assault AirBike, we do love the rubber grip on the handles which appear to be very competent and should last for years. The full steel build is also a nice feature. While some screws may come loose, the actual frame of the bike should last for years.

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Assault AirBike

The Assault AirBike is an upgraded version of the company's classic design.
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