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Rogue Echo Bike
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Rogue Echo Bike
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The Rogue Echo Bike will destroy your world and build it back up again. Every session on this tank of an air bike will make you realize there’s always more work to do. For the price, there isn’t a better option on the market.


Incredibly well-built. It will last for years. 

Quiet (for an air bike). 

LED display provides quick and efficient feedback.

The seat is easily adjustable both up/down and forward/backward.



None that we have discovered.

We might be going a little overboard by saying there’s nothing we don’t love about the Rogue Echo Bike but it’s also an absolutely true statement. In true Rogue Fitness fashion, this piece of machinery is built to last, even while taking a pounding during high-intensity interval training. 

Made with heavy-duty steel and coated with Rogue’s signature tough powder coat finish, the Echo Bike takes the air bike concept to the next level. When we first unpacked the Echo Bike it was immediately clear that Rogue put a ton of attention into every little aspect of the build.

The bike, which arrived in a well-packed single box, took us about 30 minutes to install. The installed handles on our unit felt wobbly but we quickly realized that we hadn’t properly aligned and tightened the handles. The handles meet at the connecting point where the intersect the bike’s foot rests. Once we properly tightened down all parts of the bike it was immediately clear that Rogue, once again, overbuilt its equipment.

At 127 pounds, the air bike can support up to 350 pounds of weight while still maneuvering around a garage gym with ease. Rogue even offers an add-on bike turf tire & handle kit for even easier maneuverability.

The feet that come with the Echo Bike are easy to adjust, a big positive because we move around equipment constantly in our home gym and our flooring is slightly unbalanced. When we need to adjust the feet on the air bike it takes about 10 seconds to level the bike. We recommend buying the turf tires for the fan bike. The tires make the bike easier to maneuver thanks to their size and an included handle that’s easier to grab and hold.

Our favorite part of this beast is possibly how quiet the Rogue Echo Bike is, even under the heaviest of use. Rogue has implemented a belt-driven fan blade that was made from high-grade steel which is both smooth and incredibly consistent. The belt system is auto-tensioning which means less maintenance than similar chain-driven systems from Assault, Schwinn, and other manufacturers. 

The unit’s simple LED display, which requires aa batteries to operate, provides all the info you’ll need for your training. Among the displays settings are tracking options for intervals, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and more. Heart rate syncing is performed automatically with the help of the Bluetooth heart rate transmitter of your choosing. We have various workout routines that are commonly used on different days, thankfully, setting our own interval times and repetitions takes about 10 seconds. 

The Rogue Echo Bike offers a seat that is easily adjustable both up and down, and back and forth. Easy seat adjustments are fairly standard on today’s best air bikes, and Rogue keeps the process quick and effortless. The stitching on the bike’s seat is solid and it’s a comfortable option for quick interval training and sustained endurance exercises. Keep in mind, you’ll want to tighten down the seat’s easy adjustment knob tightly to avoid any issues with wobbling. The bike matches fairly closely to what we’ve witnessed with the assault bike and Schwinn airdyne models.

The Rogue Echo bike is priced at $795 but routinely goes on sale for $775. Rogue won’t even hit you with shipping for this well-reviews item, an added bonus given that the bike is already priced well below similar units from Assault Airbike and Schwinn.

We could harp on all day about how much we love the Rogue Echo Bike but instead, we’ll leave that up to the reviewers in the videos we’ve embedded below. You can also learn more about the Rogue Echo Bike and several attachments including the wind block and cup holder, here.

Because we know the place of origin matters to some buyers, we’ll note that the Echo Bike is made in China. With that being said the material and workmanship are right on point. 

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Rogue Echo Bike

The Rogue Echo Bike is built like a tank. Check it out!
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