Rogue Kettlebell Review And Info

Rogue Kettlebell
Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products
Rogue Kettlebells Review and Info
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Rogue Kettlebells are constructed from a single cast and feature premium iron ore. The kettlebells use Rogue’s powder coat system and offer a machine cut base for added stability. 


  • Strong build from a single cast.
  • Machine cut bottom for a flat holding surface.
  • Brightly color-coded weight markers.


  • Powder Coat is poorly applied.
  • Prone to easy chipping, scratching, and rusting. 
  • Pricey for the quality provided.

Rogue Kettlebells are a single cast product that is built to last but that’s not always enough. We’ve been using the kettlebells for the past nine months and while they swing with even balance and are comfortable in the hand, the lack of quality control has left us wanting something more from Rogue Fitness.

Let’s start with the good aspects of Rogue Kettlebells, the company has created a solid product that is cast from a single piece of cast iron. Rogue notes that the single cast is meant to create a flaw-free surface, this would likely be true if not for a poor powder coat that quickly scratches, chips, and rusts. Within several weeks our bells started looking like they’ve lived a full life and have been through some stuff. A friend who ordered the kettlebells received a package of already rusted kettlebells that required an exchange.

Take a close look at the picture at the top of this post and you’ll notice immediate flaws on our Rogue Kettlebells. It’s clear on one of our handles that the powder coat was sprayed unevenly and near the 12KG marker there’s another obvious surface imperfection. The obvious flaws were not a one-off case with our Rogue kettlebells.

The problem with poor powder coating is two-fold. When it occurs on a handle it creates an uneven holding surface, and it can lead to easier chipping which leads to rusting.

Rogue Kettlebell Powder Coarting
Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products

Keep in mind, kettlebells are used far less than other products in our gym and most of the rusting occurred within just a few weeks. Rogue claims to provide a “void-free” surface and that’s not what we’ve seen with their standard kettlebells. We actually expect some imperfections over time with kettlebells but these were some of the worst we’ve tested in terms of holding out for a while before chipping and rusting.

You may also notice that the blue powder coat on the handles is roughly applied. With that being said, we love that finding the weight we want is easy thanks to the vivid coloring that Rogue Fitness has chosen to apply.

Important note: When our kettlebells arrived we documented and provided the issues to Rogue and they did provide us with a partial refund, which we took in the form of a store credit because we’re addicted to buying gym equipment.

We do really like the embedded Rogue logo and the weight markers which are cut nicely into the kettlebell which makes them relatively easy to spot.

The base on the Rogue Kettlebells is nice, there appears to be no imperfections in the leveling of the product since it’s machine cut, making it easy to place the bells down without any rolling. It’s so flat, in fact, that we often use them for pushups and other balance movements.

While we have had many issues with the powder coat Rogue has applied, we admit that the surface does an incredible job at holding chalk. We use our kettlebells in the middle of CrossFit workouts which means a lot of sweat that lends itself to sweaty hands. We’ve never had an issue actually gripping these kettlebells. Even without chalk, the slightly abrasive surface makes it simple to keep a grip on the product.

Speaking of the handles, they feature varying diameters based on weight. We currently use the 26-pound weights regularly and at 1.4″ they feel great in our hands in terms of diameter. We’ve also swung a few Rogue Monster Kettlebells and at 1.58″ they still feel good but definitely require more focus on our grip strength.

Here are the handle diameters for all of the Rogue Kettlebell options in pounds:

  • 9LB – 18LB – 1.2″
  • 26LB – 1.4″
  • 35LB – 88LB – 1.5″
  • 97LB – 203LB – 1.58″

The balance on the Rogue Kettlebell is about as close to perfect as possible. Rogue doesn’t use scrap iron and the single cast ensures each unit is properly constructed. While we have issues with the overall quality of the powder coat, we still love swinging these bells during our strength training sessions, especially at higher weights.

Rogue promises a weight tolerance between +/- 3% and our kettlebells were within 1% of their promised weight. Maintaining a solid weight tolerance isn’t really a surprise since each kettlebell is built from a single cast.

Overall, while we like the Rogue Kettlebells from a balance and strength of build position and they do an awesome job at providing a solid trip. With that being said, we have found that the bells from Rep Fitness offer a better overall experience at a lower price point.

If you’re interested in the Rogue Kettlebells you can learn more about the product here.

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Rogue Kettlebell

Rogue Kettlebells feature a single cast design with a machined base and a powder coat finish.
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