The Rep Fitness Hades Deadlift Bar Is Now Ready For Pre-Orders

Rep Fitness Hades Deadlift Bar
Photo Credit: Rep Fitness

Rep Fitness has officially launched the Hades Deadlift Bar with a limited amount of pre-orders. The Rep Fitness Hades deadlift bar is the company’s premier barbell designed specifically for deadlifting enthusiasts. With its exceptional features and innovative design, the Hades Deadlift Bar looks like a promising new addition in an already crowded space.

Weighing 20kg (44.1lb), the Hades Deadlift Bar boasts a remarkable absence of center knurling, coupled with aggressive and deep mountain-style knurling, ensuring maximum grip support during heavy deadlifts.

The bar’s thinner diameter shaft, measuring 27mm compared to the standard 29mm of powerlifting barbells, combined with its extended total length of 7.9′, allows for enhanced flexibility under heavy loads. This increased flex in the shaft enables lifters to initiate their pull from a slightly higher position as the weight leaves the ground, optimizing their performance and potentially leading to greater lifting achievements. Moreover, all measurements of the Hades bar conform to powerlifting standards for federations employing a deadlift bar, while powerlifting knurl markings assist in accurate hand placement.

The Hades Deadlift Bar comes in a sleek black Cerakote shaft with Duracoat sleeves, providing a distinctive and blackout aesthetic. Duracoat is a chemical process that reinforces the steel’s exterior, enhancing its durability and offering superior resistance to wear and corrosion. The smooth sleeves facilitate effortless loading and unloading of plates, while the impressive 15.75″ loadable sleeve length, surpassing that of most other deadlift bars, allows for increased capacity and the accommodation of more weight plates.

Incorporating bronze bushings, the Hades Deadlift Bar guarantees consistent rotation during slower, strength-focused lifts, while delivering exceptional strength and rigidity to withstand the heaviest loads. The bar is adorned with premium metal endcaps, featuring unique designs and laser etchings of the barbell’s name and weight on the inside of the sleeves, adding a touch of elegance and exclusivity.

Extensively tested with some of the world’s strongest individuals, the Hades Deadlift Bar has proven its exceptional performance, enabling athletes to reach new personal records in deadlifting. Elevate your deadlifting game to unparalleled heights with the Hades Deadlift Bar from REP.

Rep Fitness Hades Deadlift bar specs.

Bar UseDeadlifting
Weight20kg (44.1lbs)
Distance Between Sleeves56.3″
Loadable Sleeve Length15.75″
Shaft Diameter27mm
Sleeve Diameter50mm
Bushing/BearingBronze Bushings
Sleeve StyleSmooth
Knurl StyleDeep Mountain/Very Aggressive
Knurl MarkingsPowerlifting
Center KnurlNo
Shaft CoatingBlack Cerakote
Sleeve CoatingDuracoat
Static Rating1,500lbs
Tensile Strength190ksi

The Rep Fitness Hades deadlift bar is one of several new premium Rep Fitness barbells that the company has announced this month. We debuted all of the bars and are excited to see how the company’s Olympic, Deadlift, and Mixed-use bars perform.

Written by James Kosur

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