Fringe Sport Farmer’s Walk Handles Review And Info

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The Fringe Sport Farmer’s Walk Handles offer excellent knurling and balance. While the handles are not machine shopped to a standard Olympic size, Fringe Sport provides a surprisingly decent pair of collars to ensure your weights stay in place.


Excellent knurl for a tight grip during workouts.

440 pounds of weight per bar will satisfy almost any user.

Excellent powder coat.

Collar clamps are included and excellent quality.


Collars could have been machined for standard collar use. 

The $199 price point for a simple specialty bar is a little bit high.

Farmer carries are one of the best exercises you can perform for grip strength while also working the entire lower body, posterior chain, biceps, triceps, abs, traps, and deep spinal muscles. While a good set of dumbbells, kettlebells, or Rogue Thompson Fatbells can achieve this goal, a dedicated pair of Fringe Sport Farmer’s Walk Handles can elevate the exercise to the next level.

These particular handles are a favorite of Garage Gym Products for several reasons. First, the knurling is strong enough to keep our grip during sweaty workouts. Second, the handles fit our Rogue Echo Bumper Plates and stay locked in tightly thanks to four Fringe Sport provided clamp collars (2 Pairs) that are almost worth the purchase on their own.

The handles weight in at 25 pounds each and are powder coated for added protection. The handles on each bar are 9 inches long and the bar length is 5 feet. If you like to lift heavy, no problems here, as each bar can handle up to 440 pounds.

With fixed collar positions there is absolutely no maintenance required. 

You can purchase cheaper options, such as a $99 set from Titan Fitness but given the quality of the Fringe Sport Farmer’s Walk Handles, we don’t mind paying the extra $100 in this particular instance.


Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport Farmer’s Walk Handles

The Fringe Sport Farmer's Walk Handles are the best in class and come with two pairs of collar clamps.
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