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Hi-Temp Bumper Plates
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Rogue Hi-Temp Bumper Plates
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Hi-Temp bumper plates are made from recycled crumb rubber. The plates feature a stainless steel insert and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 


  • Entry-level pricing.
  • Great for outdoor use.


  • Thicker than average bumper plates.
  • Steel inserts on 10-pound plates are known to pop out.
  • A low durometer score means a higher less desired bounce.

Hi-Temp Bumper Plates are some of the most affordable weight plates on the market and for garage gym use, they are a great option for most people.

These bumpers are cheap because they’re made from recycled crumb rubber (used tires that are heated up and compressed in a mold).

One of the best benefits of these plates is that they work well both indoors and outdoors. They stand up decently well outside and for the cost, they last well in general, although not with the same build factor as a Rogue Echo Bumper plate or Fringe Sport Color Bumpers that are also relatively low-priced.

The Hi-Temp bumper plates feature a 2″ insert that’s made with stainless steel that prevents rust. The inserts fit snuggly on my Rogue Ohio Bar which makes sense since these bumpers are sold by Rogue.

One complaint is that the weight claim is within +/- 0.5 pounds which is a pretty big discrepancy when placed up against other weights. With that being said, my weights were almost pound-for-pound perfect. Results have varied for customers and reviewers and I only tested two of each weight plate and may have received a decent order.

Several reviewers have noted that their these plates have lasted for years and stand up to a CrossFit beating which routinely involved dropping weights from above the head.

Personally, I don’t love dropping the weights as their durometer rating for these crumb rubber plates is 75 which is fairly low, leading to a bounce that is less than desirable.

A further complaint for these rubber bumper lates can be found in the size of each weight’s diameter. At 445MM this product is not up to IWF standard. While a 5mm difference doesn’t seem like a big deal, using these plates with standard size IWF bumpers may voice the warranty on both plate brands. The difference in diameter can also make using combined weights awkward for some movements.

Further, these plates are known to have issues with the stainless steel insert popping out when only 10 LB plates are loaded and a barbell is dropped.

The recycled nature of the Hi-Temp bumper plates also leads to a very wide profile. 45-pound plates are 3.75-inches which means you won’t be piling too much extra weight on your average Olympic-sized sleeves. Typically, you’ll max out at 405 pounds before your barbell runs out of space.

Overall, while I have some issues with Hi-Temp bumpers, it’s hard to shy away from their $35 starting price for 10 pound pairs.

You can check out the plates here.

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Hi-Temp Bumper Plates

A low-cost bumper plate made from recycled crumb rubber.
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