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Titan Rackable Camber Bar
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Titan Rackable Camber Bar
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The Titan Rackable Camber bar is a fully-welded specialty bar that provides for superior range of motion and added explosiveness. The bar supports Olympic weight plates and offers a 1.5″ diameter.


  • A fully-welded design supports up to 1,000 pounds.
  • Machined sleeves offer support for Olympic plates.
  • Feels comfortable on the shoulders.
  • Surprisingly well-balanced.
  • Easily fits inside most squat racks, power racks, and wall-mounted rigs.


  • Powder Coat is prone to easy scratching.

The Titan Rackable Camber bar is another surprisingly inexpensive but well-built specialty bar from Titan Fitness. The company, best known for its low-to-mid-range products, has continued to improve upon the quality of its products and the Rackable Camber bar is no exception.

The bar is 88 inches long and features a 1.5″ diameter, both average sizes for this type of gym equipment. The Rackable Camber bar features a typical mid-range Titan Fitness powder coat that holds chalk well enough and provides for a decent enough finish. Much like other bars from the company, users have noted that it’s prone to quick scratching, even during early use. For just $189.99 a bit of scratching for the cost savings isn’t a deal-breaker in our book.

The fully welded design provides a good amount of support, allowing for up to 1,000 pounds to be packed onto the camber bars 18-inch sleeves which support Olympic plates.

Several reviews have said the bar has held up incredibly well over a period of two years. At the same time, the welds are rough compared to other bars, which isn’t a surprise since Titan is known for sloppier welds than something you’ll buy from Rogue, EliteFTS, Rep Fitness, and similar brands. Still, the welds are strong and built to last.

The Titan Rackable Camber Bar comes in at a heavy 85-pounds. We appreciate the weight because it’s mostly going to be used for squats and carries, both of which we tend to perform with heavier sets. It’s also a great option for more safely performing good mornings which work well thanks to the balance of the bar.

To put the dimensions of the bar in perspective, it’s the exact same specs you’ll find on the CB-1 Rogue Camber Bar but for more than $110 less plus free shipping.

Titan customers have noted that the bar feels comfortable on shoulders, this isn’t a surprise given the smooth finish and the larger 1.5″ diameter featured on the product. The camber also allows for a nice deep squat, activating the hamstrings better than a traditional straight bar. Titan has balanced the bar well, allowing it to stay vertical for deeper squats.

As the name suggests, the bar fits into standard power racks, squat stands, and wall-mounted rigs. Just one warning and this applies to all Camber Bars, the metal does have a tendency to swing back and hit the uprights on most rigs. You can avoid issues with scratching and chipping by taping the bar’s contact points.

You can read more reviews and see more photos for the Titan Rackable Camber Bar here.

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Titan Rackable Camber Bar

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