Sorinex OFF GRID Rack Review And Info

Sorinex OFF GRID Rack
Photo By: Sorinex
Sorinex OFF GRID Rack
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The Sorinex OFF GRID rack provides a low-cost entry-level piece of equipment that delivers a suitable squat rack in a pinch. With 14 slottable racking points, a barbell holder that also serves as a pull-up bar, and additional storage for bands, belts, and carabiner’s, it’s surprisingly versatile at a starting price that won’t break the bank for most buyers. 


  • Sturdy construction. 
  • A versatile barbell rack with a pull-up bar combination. 
  • Additional space is utilized for various types of storage. 
  • Easy to install.
  • All proceeds go to the Coaches Vs. Covid-19 Fund.



  • Very close to the wall. 
  • Barbell slots are static which could cause a missed rack.



I’m going to start off by quickly noting that the Sorinex OFF GRID Rack is not only a low-cost entry-level rack from Sorinex, it’s also built with a very good cause in mind. 100% of the profits from this creation of this product goes to the Coaches Vs. COVID-19 fund. At the time of this review, Sorinex has already donated approximately $100,000 to the fund.

The Sorinex OFF GRID Rack is priced at just $349. That’s super cheap for the company but the design is also incredibly simple, yet very functional.

Essentially, Sorinex has created a very large barbell holder than also operates as a rack and storage space for some of your smaller pieces of gym equipment.

The “Ridge” as Sorinex calls each of its static J-Cup looking pieces, consists of 14 barbell storage slots. These slots are used to rack and remove your barbell from any position your in. We love that there’s no need to move J Cups around between exercises and that’s the general consensus for the rack. While it may take a little bit to get used to, the slots are shallow enough that you’re not likely to miss a rack because the bar isn’t perfectly positioned.

Sorinex has gone a step further, adding two 2 integrated storage posts that can hold your bands, belts, and other accessories. It’s a simple addition but one I appreciate for its ability to use negative space for a worthwhile purpose.

Sorinex Off The Grid Storage Posts
Photo By: Sorinex

There are also carabiner clip points below the storage posts which provide additional use of the space.

While the Sorinex OFF THE GRID rack only extends 13.5-inches from the wall, it still provides enough space for a barbell to be held at the top of the rack, a spot that can also be used as a makeshift pull-up station.

Sorinex Off The Grid Barbell Storage and Pull Up Station
Photo By: Sorinex

Installing the rack is simple enough. Sorinex suggests using wood stringers to firmly attach the included hardware, although some reviewers have said they simply placed the unit into studs and had no issues.

Because the Sorinex OFF GRID Rack operates much like a really cool barbell rack, you’ll need to make sure the unit is level before attaching the two long 89-inch posts.

I’m a fan of always protecting my barbells and that does require an additional $99 purchase which provides UMHW plastic protection. If you have the extra $100, be sure to choose that add-on if, like me, you tend to be pretty rough on your barbells and specialty bars while racking.

Some reviewers have complained that the rack is too close to the wall. This annoyance will only affect users who have a problem with a very compact unit. In comparison, the well-reviews Rogue RML-90 SLIM rack sits just 0.5-inches farther from the wall at 14-inches.

Overall, the construction after setting up the rack is solid, the inclusion of a unique barbell holder that also serves as a pull-up bar is helpful, and the actual use of the rack is going to work great for most people. It’s not the most inventive option on the market but for an entry level rack that is serving a great cause, it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at if you’re in the market right now.

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Sorinex OFF GRID Rack

The Sorinex Off-Grid rack is an entry-level option that's serving a great cause.
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