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Fringe Sport Curl Bar
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Fringe Sport Curl Bar
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The Fringe Sport Curl Bar offers excellent knurling along with a black zinc coated finish that looks professional and feels great in our hands. The angles and bends on the bar are also well placed for targeting multiple muscle groups.


  • Excellent knurling.
  • Professional finish on the shaft and sleeves.
  • Excellent bends and angles for targeted muscle group workouts.
  • A fair price for a top-notch product. 


No negatives to report.

Whether your looking to improve your shoulder definition or drive home those biceps, the Fringe Sport Curl Bar is an excellent option that delivers a surprisingly great experience for a fair price.

Users of this curl bar love the specialty bars knurling which isn’t overly aggressive but still provides a great grip. Given that you probably won’t be benching hundreds of pounds on this bar, middle-of-the-road knurling is what we strive to find in any curl bar.

On top of some great knurling, the collars on the Fringe Sport Curl Bar also offer excellent spin considering the bar uses bushings. With excellent bends and angles, users have largely agreed that the bar provides for excellent muscle group targeting while taking additional stress off the joints..

The bar features 2-inch diameter sleeves and reviews all agree that typical Olympic weights slide on nicely.

With a black zinc finish and chrome sleeves, not only is the bar incredibly functional, but it’s also not bad to look at. On top of everything, the Fringe Sport Curl Bar offers a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects.

Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport Curl Bar

The Fringe Sport Curl Bar offers an excellent knurl, angles, and a top-notch finish.
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