Rep Fitness Stone Sandbags Review And Info

Rep Stone Sangbags 50 and 100 pounds
Rep Fitness Stone Sandbags
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Rep Stone Sandbags are a highly-durable product that provides excellent odd-object training options. Each stone features a double secured filler bag, triple stitching, and a heavy-duty zipper that ensures your filling remains secure inside each stone, giving you piece of mind at three different weight levels.


  • Super solid materials used throughout the sandbags.
  • Excellent triple reinforced stitching.
  • Industry loop and hook enclosure.
  • Grippy vinyl ensures a solid workout every time.
  • Easy to fill with the filler of your choice.


A bit expensive (but worth the cost in my opinion).

The Rep Fitness Stone Sandbags are a new offering from the popular gym products company and it’s a product I’m happy to stand by for odd-object training. I purchased the 50 pound and 100 pound stone sandbags for the purpose of my review, but the company also offers a 150-pound option for heavier lifts.

At a starting price of just $69.99 and a total all-in cost of $229.99 for all three Rep stone sandbags, the cost of this product is cheap, especially for the high-quality product being offered by a gym equipment company. The cost for each piece or set includes free shipping.

Let’s start with the most obvious reason for loving these stone sandbags. Rep has gone with a heavy-duty fabric that feels really good in my hands. The material is grippy and I feel like it’s going to last a long time, even when being dropped constantly as part of my regular training.

I used a Mason Sand with the Rep Fitness Stone Sandbags. Mason stand is typically the best choice for training because it has been fully washed and dried. This type of sand doesn’t cause dust to be thrown into the air and is generally a better product than other options.

Quikrete Mason Sand
Photo Credit: Quikrete

As an added bonus, I was able to purchase Quikrete Mason Sand from a local DIY shop for just $3.35 per 50-pound bag. You should expect to spend between $5 to $15 filling each of your Rep Fitness Stone Sandbags depending on their size. I like this product because it features exactly 50 pounds per bag.

Looking inside each bag, Rep Fitness has used a built-in filler bag that is double-lined and then secured with enhanced stitching. I’ve commented on Rep Fitness stitching with several other products including my Rep Drop Pads and my Rep Dip Belt. I

I’ve regularly found Rep to feature strong products that won’t come apart at the seams. This time around, the company appears to have paid special attention to the stone sandbag seams, creating nicely appropriated stitches that seem like they’ll last for extended workouts.

If you want to see firsthand how well this gym product is stitched together, look no further than the triple stitched seams that adorn the equipment’s heavy-duty zipper.

Rep Stone Sandbags
Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products

As an added bonus, the Rep Stone Sandbags also feature what the company calls an ” industrial hook and loop closure” which helps ensure your filler doesn’t spill all over your floor.

Let’s take a close look at the overall build factor. The outside fo the bag includes two very thick velcro straps that feature a very strong overall hold. The thickness of the strap ensures a solid grip which made me pull hard on to open.

Rep Stone Sandbags Velcro
Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products

Opening the second part of the strap revealed the thick industrial-built zipper.

Rep Stone Sangbags Second Velcro
Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products

Once opened at the zipper, the inside of the Rep Fitness Stone Sandbags features a second fill area that includes a hook and strap closure with even more velcro.

Rep Stone Sandbags Inside Sand Container
Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products

It took me a few minutes to fill up each stone sandbag. I found it easiest to add sand until it reached the top of the closure before shifting the sand further into the bag. I repeated that process about 10 times and within a few minutes, both of my Rep Fitness Stone Sandbags were filled.

After each stone was filled I closed the velcro strap on the insert and then rolled it closed to attach the closure to one final piece of velcro located on the outside of the inner bag. Zipping the closure and then reapplying the large velcro straps made me feel immediately confident that none of the sand inside the bag is going to escape.

When you fill up each Rep Stone Sandbag to its suggested full weight, you’ll notice that there’s still a little bit of room left inside of each bag. That extra space provides movement for the sand you’ve placed into the main enclosure.

The shifting of the mason sand that I chose to use has created a lot of isolation requirements. Every single time I lift one of the two sandbags I’m forced to figure out where the weight has shifted. Because of the uncertainty of the shift, I use my heavier Rep Fitness Stone Sandbags to discover which muscle groups I need to focus on.

My movements with my 100-pound sandbag are slower and more focused on “getting it right” while the smaller sandbag stone is mostly used for quick HIIT-type movements with a little strongman competition or CrossFit flair added in for good measure.

I’m admittedly pretty new to odd-object training but so far I’ve loved my Rep Fitness Stone Sandbags. This product provides some really awesome new ways for me to build strength, work on my stability, and improve my power performance.

I really like that I can now perform stone-type movements without damaging the new polyaspartic floor I just had installed, while also never working about dropping a large heavy cement stone where it’s not wanted.

There is one thing to keep in mind if you decide to purchase this equipment for your garage gym. These are sandbag stones and not traditional sandbag trainers. That means there are two big differences.

First, they are going to be more round than other sandbag trainers. Second, they don’t feature reinforced handles because they are built to mimic weight stones.

Overall, I love what Rep Fitness set out to achieve with this product. The build quality is excellent, the product is challenging, and the price is great for what I received.

You can check out the Rep Stone Sandbags product page here.

Rep Stone Sandbags

The Rep Stone Sandbags offer-object training inside a solidly built product that will last for years.
Buy Now For $69.99

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