Titan Fitness Economy Black Bumper Plates Review And Info

Titan Economy Black Bumper Plates
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Titan Fitness Economy Black Bumper Plates
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The Titan Fitness Economy Black Bumper Plates are an entry-level option that get the job done.


  • Priced for the entry-level market.
  • Weight is generally close to the stated amount.


  • Size discrepancies for the 450mm diameter claim.
  • The bounce isn’t great (they don’t state a durometer rating).
  • Some quality issues with certain plates.
  • 10 pound weights can’t be used on their own due to “taco’ing.”

Titan Fitness is known for making economically friendly products and the Titan Fitness Economy Black Bumper Plates are no different.

Sold in 10, 15, 25, 35, 45, and 100-pound weights, these plates are an option for someone who is just getting started or is low on funds.

These bumpers from Titan Fitness feature a 50mm steel-line center hole which offers a tight fit on an Olympic bar. In comparison, the Rogue Color Echo Bumpers come in slightly larger with a 50.4mm hole that glides on smoothly to most barbells.

For the price, you can expect a slightly thicker product. For example, the 10-pound weights are a full 1-inch thick while a 45-pound weight is a rather large 3.5-inches. That’s still better than the Hi-Temp option from Rogue which comes in at a larger 1.37-inches to start.

Keep in mind, that various reviewers have noted that some of their economy plates were not the same promised 450mm diameter across the sets they purchased. The first video reviews below clearly show the difference in diameter across a single shipped set. The diameter difference appears to most directly affect Titan’s 10-pound weights. In any case, we tend to prefer a weight set that offers a true to form 450mm width across all plates to match IWF standards.

We do have another quality concern with this set as the 10-pound plates can’t be used on their own due to a “taco” effect. Similar weights often provide lower warranty times on these small plates but don’t issue the same warning.

We had the chance to use a pair of these plates and found the printed weight to be pretty true to form, however, a few of the heavier plates in a set of about 30 weights were 1-3 pounds off their stated claim. If you’re lifting in your garage gym, the change in weight probably won’t affect you negatively but it can make a difference when training for competition.

We do find it a little odd that there is no standard 55-pound option. Instead, the Titan Economy Black Bumper Plates jump up to 100-pounds from 45. That 100-pound weight takes up a whopping 5.25-inches on your barbell which sounds about right for such a hefty option.

If you tend to drop heavy, these might not be the best option. The weights don’t have a listed durometer rating but they definitely bounce more than our Fringe Sport and Rogue bumpers. Still, the bounce isn’t horrible, especially when considering the value proposition.

While the Titan Fitness Economy Black Bumper Plates don’t stand up to Rogue, Fringe, Vulcan, and other brands, they are affordably priced and will get the job done.

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