This Guy Built An Adjustable Cable Machine From Scratch

DIY Adjustable Cable Machine
Photo Credit: Lavish Moss / YouTube

Lavish Moss went to his school’s fitness center on a regular basis. When COVID-19 abruptly ended his time in the gym, he wanted to continue his fitness journey at home. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on an adjustable cable machine, he decided to build one on his own.

Lavish posted the process on YouTube, and the final product is pretty impressive. I particularly like his descriptions of some items he needed to purchase. Just a quick warning before you watch the video, he likes to swear and compare parts to human anatomy.

What’s really amazing about Lavish’s DIY adjustable cable machine build is that he’s not some master craftsman with years of professional experience, he just had an idea and decided to see it through.

Based on his quick demonstration at the end of the video, the unit appears to be stable and the guide rods appear to operate surprisingly smooth.

Just remember, while building your own home or garage gym equipment can seem like a fun and affordable project, there’s always some risk involved. I definitely wouldn’t trust my own construction skills when it comes to building an adjustable cable machine but Lavish appears to have mostly knocked this project out of the park.

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Written by James Kosur

James is a 20-year veteran of the digital media industry, an avid gym builder, and a dad to four kids, three dogs, and two cats. He's a DIYer who loves building stuff with his hands and a gamer who enjoys all facets of gaming.