The Best Air Bikes Of 2021 For Under $1000

Best Air Bikes For 2021
Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products

The best air bikes on the market in 2021 offer incredible value for their cost. With the ability to quickly burn calories while offering a full-body workout, these machines take up very little space, and in most cases, they are built to last.

From the Rogue Echo Bike to the Vulcan Thrasher Commercial Air Bike, these are the best air bikes available for under $1000.

The Best Air Bike In 2021: Rogue Echo Bike

Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products

We’ve talked about the Rogue Echo Bike in depth. You can read our full Rogue Echo Bike Review here. This bike is built like a tank. Rogue has spared no expense in creating a solid frame that supports the weight of heavier athletes without batting an eye.

We’ve come to expect nothing but the best builds from Rogue and apparently, that also applies to products made in China.

What really sets the Rogue Echo Bike apart from some competitors is the maintenance free belt-drive system. The belt-drive is super smooth, nearly silent, and self-tensioning.

Looking closer at the bike and trying it out, you’ll quickly notice a very comfortable and easy to adjust bike seat, grippy handles that are great for even the most intense workouts, and a solid pedal system that keeps your feet in place throughout every grueling second.

One of our favorite parts of this bike, outside of the build, is an LCD system that auto attaches itself to Bluetooth-capable heart monitoring systems, allowing for additional workout-tracking without lifting a finger.

The Rogue Echo air bike is shockingly cheap at $745, especially when you consider that shipping is included in the cost, a rare move from Rogue Fitness.

There’s a reason this product is a mainstay in our own garage gym.

Learn everything you could possibly want to know about the Rogue Echo Bike HERE.

Air Bike Runner-Up (2021): Vulcan Thrasher Air Bike

Vulcan Trasher Air Bike
Photo Credit: Vulcan Strength

The Vulcan Thrasher Air Bike is the Swiss Army Knife of the category. Take the Rogue Echo Bike, add in a bunch of additional useful features, and offer very competitive pricing and you have this air bike.

First, the Vulcan Thrasher Air Bike weighs a whopping 137-pounds, a testament to the very solid steel build that was employed by Vulcan when manufacturing this solid piece of gym equipment.

Featuring a belt-drive system, this air bike is one of the best in 2021 thanks to running super smooth without the need to constantly care for a traditional chain-driven system.

What we really love about this product and what sets it apart are the little extras. For example, foot straps are included out of the box, allowing for a solid shoe grip when you’re too tired to pay attention to your footing.

Also, there are two sets of handle grips. The first set provide for traditional hand movements for upper-body workouts. The second handles allow for a solid static grip for those times when you’re focused on pushing through with the sheer power of your legs.

It might sound like a little thing but the Vulcan Thrasher Air Bike also comes equipped with a cup holder. You can buy this feature from Rogue but we appreciate the inclusion as part of the initial buy.

There’s a lot to love about his second-best air bike of 2021, including the price which is fairly modest between $779.99 – $859.99 (with freight shipping included) and you can learn all you need to know HERE.

Budget-Friendly Winner: Titan Fitness Fan Bike

Titan Fitness Air Bike
Photo Credit: Titan Fitness

The Titan Fitness Fan bike is just $639.99 with shipping included. Paying more than $100 less than the next closest competitor should sit well with budget buyers who still want the benefits of using an air bike.

While the Titan Fitness Fan bike may be cheaper than its closest competitors, it’s still a solid option that can hold up to 330-pounds. The air bike, like the others on our list, features various HiiT and Tabata functionality via a clean and easy-to-read LCD.

The bike also comes equipped with a solid aluminum bottle holder and a grippy phone holder that won’t send your smartphone flying. The bike, at under $700 all-in, also features a fan guard that won’t cost you extra cash. The fan guard is fully removable which is another nice extra.

The bike also offers nicely constructed and grippy foot pedals and it can be easily removed because Titan Fitness has included very large wheels, the type of wheels that, once again, Rogue Fitness charges extra to obtain.

There are a few caveats when considering the Titan Fitness Air Bike.. Some users have said the seat isn’t as comfortable on the Titan Fan Bike. Honestly, we rarely sit on our Rogue Echo Bike seat as we push through two to four-minute exercises. We’re also not big fans of chain-driven systems on air bikes, even when fully enclosed. Chains require maintenance when we just want our gym equipment to work out of the box when other products on the market offer that feature.

Best Air-Bike Runner-Up (Based On Customer Reviews): Assault AirBike Classic

Assault AirBike Classic
Photo Credit: Assault AirBike

We’ve arrived at this point in the air bike market in large part thanks to the Assault AirBike. This pioneer of the industry features twenty sealed ball bearings that allow for silky smooth movement during use.

The LCD on the Assault AirBike offers a bunch of options including Tabata and Interval training along with Watts and Heart Rate output. These are basic features but important for any solid air bike option.

The bike may not look like the tanks we’ve come to expect from Rogue and Vulcan but it can still hold 350 pounds and provides a solid experience under heavy use thanks to a solid design.

The seat on the Assault Airbike Classic has set the standard for adjustability. The seat moves in up/down and front/back motions and is fast to adjust which is great when you’re working out with other people.

One feature we really love is the integrated messaging that delivers a bit of motivation to users as they push through a workout.

At $999 the Assault AirBike is at the ceiling of our $1000 cost but it’s also one of the best air bikes of 2021, even after years on the market. You can read more than 1600 user reviews HERE.

The best air bikes of 2021 in our opinion are listed above. There are bikes that cost more money but the value is in the functionality and paying a higher amount doesn’t make sense for 99.99% of users.

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